Like other academic institutions CU credit life experience and courses taken else where when appropriate. This can give mature students a "lift" and make entry or re-entry into the academic world substantially more attractive.

Your skills must be documented by some of the following:

Courses taken at other educational institutions
All courses without exception will earn you credits at CU. However, we cannot promise it will earn you the full amount equivalent to a similar course taken at CU, but we will do our best to give you as much credit as we can and perhaps recommend that you retake a portion of a similar course offered at CU.

Documented verifiable work-experience
For some certifications work-experience is directly exchangeable depending on how extensive the experience is, e.g. if you already have a bachelor degree but additionally can document work-experience for 5 years we might be able to convert your experience into a masters degree or offer you a licentiateship all depending on what type of experience and skills you have acquired during the 5 years.

If we find it necessary, we might request that you do a project or a dissertation that we will evaluate. Most students do a project related to their current workplace, but we can of course also help you, if you don't want to involve your employer.

Re-examination is an option for students that didn't finish their degree or failed earlier, but are confident that they can participate in the ordinary exam and pass it.

Other verification
Other verification might include video of practical activities.

All-in-all, your degree might be within reach in a very short time, as a result of merit transfer and work-experience being assessed and the combined score given as academic credits.

CU is not responsible for the approval or accreditation of the customized curriculum or any other programs offered. CU will of course accommodate requests for information but will not guarantee the approval or acceptance of merit transfer.

For validation of student documents please visit the verification page on this site.

These guidelines are also valid for certification by our vocational training center.

Please use our contact page if you have any queries or if you feel any of the above applies to you.