Department of Computer Science

System Administration (CS 09, 109, 209, 309, 409)
This course concentrates on learning the practical side of system administration, but you will also have the opportunity to dive deeper into the theoretical side of the subject, if you continue on to take the full course curriculum.

Course Curriculum for 2014/2015:
Operating Systems (Linux/Unix/FreeBSD/OS X/NetWare/DOS/Windows)
Virtual Webservers
Virtual Mailservers
DNS Servers
FTP Servers
Samba Servers
System Accounting
Centralized Application Control
Network policies
Scripting (batch and bash)
Dealing with virus attacks
Dealing with unauthorized intrusion
Routers, Switches, and Hubs
Patch Boards and wiring
Network Printers and other devices
Wireless networking
Voice over IP

Course Requirements in Terms of Hardware and Software:
A computer capable of running Linux/FreeBSD/Unix/OS X (perhaps as dual boot with Windows)
A wordprocessing program capable of reading and writing RTF files
Ability to read PDF files
Ability to play mp3, mp4, quicktime.
E-mail, SKYPE and Internet connection

The Course Material Includes:
Downloadable podcasts video or audio or both
PDF files

Each module has mandatory progress tests that must be passed,
in order to be allowed to take the module's final exam.
Exceptions from the tests or the exam can be granted where other
similar courses or proof of experience are deemed to be sufficiently
qualifying. However, such exceptions are at the instructors discretion.

Obtainable Qualifications/Degrees:
Diploma, B.Sc., M.Sc, Ph.D., Licentiateship


Center for Parallel Supercomputing