Department for Business Studies

The students will be trained to:
Recognise the integrated nature of business and the importance of an holistic approach to business management

Understand the current and projected context, nature, role and significance of management activities as undertaken by managers in a range of organisations

Examine and appraise management concepts and frameworks through analysis of complex, multifaceted business problems encountered by managers within organisations

Recognise the importance of effective financial management of business

Explain the importance of key functions, transformational processes and practices which contribute to the effective management of business

Demonstrate strategic awareness and analyse and evaluate options open to organisations involved in the process of formulating business strategies

Understand the importance of effective individual and corporate behaviours and cultures in management and organisational development

Demonstrate awareness of business research methodology and techniques and its role in the developing of ideas and thinking at the forefront of the discipline

Critically evaluate the importance of innovation and enterprise in business and society

Understand the factors that impinge on the success and failure of entrepreneurship and innovation


Part 1
Managing Human Resources
Managing People at Work
Organisational Behaviour
Strategic Management

Developing Management Capabilities
Methods of Enquiry
Personal Skills Profiling and Placement Search

Managing Business Projects
Managing Business Operations
Managing Knowledge for Competitive Advantage
Business in Context
The Creation of Modern Capitalism

Ethics in Business
Innovation & Design Management
International Management

The Business of Sport and Entertainment
Managing Non-Profit Organisations

Law for Business
International Business Law
Labour Economics

History of Economic Thought
Philosophy of Economy, Culture, Modernity, Social Order,
Identity & Time
Philosophy of Technology and Technological Culture, Science and Technology Studies,

European Business
Services Marketing
Marketing Management
plus language modules

Part 2
Management Information Systems
Information Systems Strategy
Decision Support Systems
End User Computing
Administration and Management

Managing Human Resources
Managing a Diverse Workforce
Employee Learning & Development
Developing Employee Relations
International Management of Human
Organisational Behaviour

The Operational Environment
Strategic Logistics and Operations
International Logistics
Purchasing and Supplies Management
Managing Knowledge for
Competitive Advantage
Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Environmentally Sustainable Business
Law for Business
International Business Law

Part 3
Foundations of Business (if without Business A-level)
Critical Thinking in Business
Key Business Competences
Business Economics
Team Challenges
Elements of Business Law Introduction to Marketing

The Context and Development of Business Raising Individual Financial Awareness
Business Synoptic
Consultancy Project

Entrepreneurial Business Planning
Dissertation in Business and Management
Entrepreneurial Business Perspectives
Perspectives on Corporate Strategy
Personal Development and Career Planning

Self Awareness and Career Management
Economies and Societies

Tourism Management
Influences and Issues in International Tourism

Part 4

Will be added shortly