Cotman University is a free and independent private university incorporated in Panama with students all over the world. We value freedom to such degree that we exclusively educate, never school, never train but always and only educate critical thinkers.

We reject the concept of a common core curriculum, which in our mind only can make everyone equally good or equally bad, there will be no outstanding achievers born out of a common core curriculum.

We are specialized in offering customized degree programs of the highest academic standard where the interests of our students are the focal point of our attention. Because we
focus on our students everything we do a Cotman University is done to facilitate knowledge transfer and teach critical thinking.

Your interests might change over time like it has happened for many other students and that is why you will not find the traditional rigid course program structures at Cotman University.

Maybe you start out thinking that you will earn yourself an engineering degree, but after a while you find that philosophy, literature or religion is more interesting to you and you would like to change your course program. This can be impractical if not impossible within a traditional university structure, because the loss of transfer credits will set you back considerably.

However, at Cotman University no effort is wasted so let your interests take you where you want to go, and excel in a program designed around your unique talents.

Like other academic institutions we credit life experience and courses taken elsewhere (merit transfers) when appropriate. This can give mature students a significant "lift" and make entry or re-entry into the academic world substantially more attractive.

Get more information on how to enroll and how to put together your own course program by contacting us. Don't hesitate, do it today and be on your way to a new and better life.